The Lee and Bernard Jaffe* Jewish Book Festival

by | Nov 12, 2012 | What’s Happening

Storyteller helps little apple trees discover their roots
Sunday, Nov. 18, 1pm
Famed storyteller Peninnah Schram will be a featured speaker at the Lee and Bernard Jaffe* Family Jewish Book Festival. Schram is a storyteller, teacher, author, recording artist, and a professor at Stern College of Yeshiva University. She has received many awards for her work including the Covenant Award for Outstanding Jewish Educator, The Circle of Excellence Award, and the National Storytellers Network Lifetime Achievement Award.

Everyone has a (six-word) story
Sunday, Nov. 18, 1pm
Larry Smith believes that everyone has a story and he travels the country helping people tell those stories. Smith is best known for his Six-Word Memoir Project, a global phenomenon and a bestselling book series.

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*of blessed memory