The newest kid in town: Shalom Baby

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Carly, Chen, and Yuvi Glikman.

I am so excited to announce the birth, pun intended, of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s new initiative, Shalom Baby!

When I gave birth to my son, Yuvi, two years ago, I was living in North Carolina in a new city and didn’t know a single person. Luckily, my local Jewish Federation had their own version of Shalom Baby. A few weeks after Yuvi was born, a care package arrived on my door step. Not only did it have fun Jewish-related items for me to use with Yuvi, but it put me in touch, and the Federation, with me. Now, I was in! As a new mom, in a new city, I was starving for places to go with Yuvi to interact with other Jewish moms. I was so lucky to have been given the gift of this basket and their care. It informed me of what was happening around the community for moms of young babies. I spent his first few months at local mommy and me’s, PJ library story times, and creating a mom tribe.

Six months later, my family moved to Tidewater and Strelitz Early Childhood Education Center became our new lifeline. But, I couldn’t help but think what we would have done if I didn’t start working at UJFT and put Yuvi in the wobbler room. So, now that I have been given the green light to bring Shalom Baby to Virginia Beach, I want to shout from the roof tops, “MOMS: I’ve got you! WE are here for you!”

Shalom Baby is for new moms, second time moms, adoptive moms, new to the area, or people who have lived here all their life. Every mom could benefit from a support system and learn about what’s happening in the community so we can better navigate through this journey of Jewish motherhood.

New parents just have to sign up on the UJFT website. Three to six weeks after the baby has arrived, moms will receive a care package. Each care package will include a mezuzah, tzedakah box, PJ library goodies, a folder plugging the moms into all of the baby activities happening in our community, and much more.

I am so passionate about this initiative and encourage all to spread the word to any expecting mama they know. This was my lifeline after giving birth and every woman deserves to have the support of Tidewater’s Jewish community.

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Carly Glikman