The Pasta-bilities are endless in kindergarten at Strelitz

by | May 18, 2023 | Other News

Setting goals and acquiring new skills are at the heart of kindergarten at Strelitz International Academy. This year, each student in Jamie Baker’s kindergarten class set a goal to accomplish with their classmates’ help. Goals included baking a Barbie cake, making and launching rockets, and doing bike tricks on a ramp. Students thought about the process of completing their goals – including how and what they needed from start to finish.

On Friday, May 5, students in Baker’s class helped their classmate, Meirav Warren accomplish her goal of making homemade tortellini.

The students began by taking turns rolling dough. They then shared what they thought the rolled dough resembled. “It looks like a stretchy lemon!” one student said.

Cutting the dough was next. The students used cups to make circle-shaped tortellinis, and knives to make square ones.

Once finished, Baker gave each student a fork with ricotta cheese. One student said he did not like cheese and was hesitant to try it in his pasta.  Baker challenged him to be a ‘risk taker,’ an important value in the IB® approach. The student accepted the challenge and used cheese in his tortellini.

The students also related the activity to their Judaic studies as Baker explained that when she purchased the ingredients, she verified everything was kosher. She noted that the ricotta cheese had the letter U in a circle, meaning it was kosher.  After all the hard work, it was finally time to eat the homemade tortellini. The students were so proud of what they had made, but the best part was that they all collaborated to help Meirav accomplish her goal. It was tortelly awesome!

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