The Simon Family JCC is getting physically fit, point by point

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Other News

When it comes to success, people have learned that there is no one giant step that does it; it’s a lot of little steps.

The Simon Family JCC utilizes this approach when assisting its members with reaching their fitness goals. The JCC implemented their new Ultimate Commit to Be Fit Challenge on March 1 promptly at 5:30 am for those interested in improving their health, step by step.

Offering an abundance of incentives to motivate members to make a change in their daily workout regiments, the challenge allows participants to earn points for participating in classes, completing workouts, attending nutrition seminars, and losing pounds and inches. The person who earns the most points in their category by April 26 will win $100, and some can earn a second chance prize—a $100 Visa gift card.

All participants get a t-shirt and are entered to win the gift card prize. Still, the points and prizes the challenge offers are not what tempt most participants. Some members are just happy to find a fitness event that offers deadlines and encourages them to begin their fitness journey sooner than they would have on their own.

Dianna Hall, a respiratory therapist who works on her feet all day, is challenging herself to reach her goals. She says, “I had been out for a while because I had hurt my back. So, I was not in the same shape and nervous to get back to the gym.”

The challenge proved to be the best motivator urging her to “just start now and see where it takes her.”

Hall’s goals are to lose the extra weight gained since injuring her back so she can go to work energized.

Hall’s favorite workouts at the J are the Zumba and Body Pump classes, which are great cardio workouts that should help make a lot of progress. In April, prizes will be the bonus of all the small successes challengers like Hall have already achieved in a month’s time.

Those who need more assistance on their final stretch are able to see personal trainers for a nutrition seminar list or talk to one of the fitness staff for guidance and support.

The final weigh-ins stop at 9:30 pm on April 26. Participants are reminded not to allow the deadline to halt any progression, because fitness is a lifestyle with no finish line. For more information, go to or contact Sharon Giannelli at 757‑321-2310 or

by Gaby Grune