These are our kids and our protectors

by | Nov 14, 2014 | Other News

Film Premiere Beneath the Helmet: from High School to the Home Front
Thursday, Nov. 20, 7 pm Regent University Theatre
(¼ mile from I-64 at Indian River Road exit)
Watch the trailer and RSVP at
Don’t bring money! But…bring your teens!

by Kevin Lefcoe

The state-of-the-art theater is located in the center of Tidewater and the owner is a friend. They don’t want any rent. The producer is flying in from Israel…a friend sponsored his plane ride. Admittance to the event—no money required. But the cost has been great and the stakes cannot be higher.

Some readers of this article who know my wife, Amy, and me may not be surprised what got to me the first time I viewed the film trailer for Beneath the Helmet. It was the cute pair of women’s pumps as they are lowered to the floor next to the 20-year-old IDF Drill Sergeant’s combat boots. The soldier’s name is Coral, and it may as well be any of my daughters’…or your daughters’/granddaughters’… names.

Whenever any of us are in the room with a soldier of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), his/her presence is powerful. Personally, I make a point to shake their hand and thank them. When we see news events directed toward the IDF, we stop what we’re doing to watch and listen to the account. We continue to hope the report will be fair and the message describing the IDF, the most moral army in world, will be cast favorably. So often the message is twisted and the resulting spin leads the uneducated, as well as the then already anti-Israel/anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic viewer reinforced in their belief that Israel has no right to exist. It is a body blow to us, the Jewish people, and our caring friends.

We encourage each other to be vigilant and to combat the ignorant and hateful voices of contempt for the nation and people of Israel, who, even before and since its inception, seek only to live in peace and security. Our enemies desire none of this, but rather outwardly call for Israel’s destruction, nothing less.

Our community has always engaged and supported our brothers and sisters in Israel. Most recently during the Gaza war in Operation Protective Edge, 600 attended our local rally to support Israel and the Israel Defense Forces. We stepped up to contribute more than $150,000 to the Stop the Sirens Campaign. We show our unity.

This event to debut Beneath the Helmet is all set. It will touch us all in a way that brings to Virginia Beach the passion and commitment that the youth of Israel and the Jewish world readily bring to protect our home, the Land of Israel.

Beneath the Helmet is now playing to premiere audiences across the world. Reviews are amazing, with standing ovations after each show.

RSVP that you will attend this important and timely illustration of bravery, courage and love that will touch your heart and soul.

These kids protect us all.

RSVP Required by Nov. 19 to or by calling 965-6107. ID’s will be checked at the door and seating is limited.