Tidewater Jewish Foundation’s LIFE & LEGACY continues growth

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Other News

In three years of the LIFE & LEGACY program, spearheaded by Tidewater Jewish Foundation, 530 new commitments have been made for a total of $20,208,740 in endowed gifts to support the Jewish community’s future. Consider:

• More than $4 million in endowed gifts to UJFT/JCC
• Nearly $1.5 million for Strelitz International Academy
• $1.25 million for Chabad
• Nearly $1 million for Temple Emanuel
• $3.25 million for Ohef Sholom Temple
• $2.75 million for Jewish Family Service
• $1.85 million for Congregation Beth El
• Nearly $1 million for Beth Sholom Village

The Harold Grinspoon Foundation, sponsor and creator of the LIFE & LEGACY program, includes the Tidewater community as part of a nationwide wave of Jewish giving that totals nearly a $1 billion that will endow cherished Jewish organizations and support Jewish communities for generations.

Community team leaders have played a huge role in getting to this point. Betsy and Dr. Ed Karotkin, for example, along with the support of Pam Gladstone, can be credited for the $1.85 million in new endowment funding for their synagogue, Congregation Beth EL. Jason Lovitz, incoming Temple Emanuel president, has somehow managed to find time between family life and his work as a firefighter to connect with nearly every member of his congregation. In fact, he’s helped dozens of families make greater gifts than they ever thought possible to support their synagogue. Patti Seeman was a champion for Strelitz Academy and helped people make some significant commitments for the future of the school. Karen and Matt Fine might as well be professional volunteers—they are the Ohef Sholom dream team. There are so many such wonderful people in this community, that this paragraph could easily turn into pages.

Founded on the principle that anyone, regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation, can make an enduring financial impact, the LIFE & LEGACY program’s goal is to “make a difference in the lives of future generations.”
To learn about giving options, including match programs, go to foundation.jewishva.org.

Kaitlyn Oelsner is Tidewater Jewish Foundation director of Philanthropy. She may be reached at koelsner@ujft.org or 757-965-6103.