Tidewater joins International Yom Limmud movement

Sunday, Nov. 12, 1–5 pm
Reba and Sam Sandler Family Campus

Yom Limmud (Hebrew for “learning”) promotes global Jewish unity by offering an inclusive cross-communal space for Jews of all ages and backgrounds to meet, learn, volunteer, and build community. Since its’ founding in 1980, the Yom Limmud movement has worked to foster a lively and varied approach to Jewish learning. Yom Limmud is committed to harnessing the energy of people from across the Jewish community—of all ages, all religious affiliations, and none—and from across the world. Founded in the United Kingdom, Yom Limmud festivals of learning have spread to 84 communities in 44 countries on six continents. In 2016 alone, its 4,000 volunteers produced 74 Jewish learning festivals throughout the world, drawing more than 35,000 participants.

And, now, for the first time, the Tidewater Jewish community joins the international Yom Limmud movement, bringing together local Jews of all persuasions and affiliations, or “un-affiliations” to create and celebrate Jewish learning and living. Offering a space for Jews to craft their own Jewish experiences, explore their connections to Jewish ideas and tradition, and meet people who share their curiosity and enthusiasm, the Simon Family JCC is committed to harnessing the energy of people from across the Jewish community to take a break from busy everyday life and explore religion and culture.

It’s important to note, Yom Limmud expects something from everyone. The cost is the same for attendees and presenters, $18. No one is compensated for teaching, lecturing, or performing and everyone is expected to contribute by learning and discussing.

“The Yom Limmud movement empowers individuals to value their personal commitment to Jewish learning and to celebrate their knowledge by sharing it with their fellow community members. Join us,” says Harry Graber, United Jewish Federation of Tidewater executive vice president.

Tidewater Yom Limmud is presented in coordination with the Hampton Roads Board of Rabbis and Cantors, Global Day of Jewish Learning, as part of the Simon Family JCC’s Lee and Bernard Jaffe* Family Jewish Book Festival, with support through a grant from the Tidewater Jewish Foundation.

With the start of Tidewater Yom Limmud, Tidewater’s Jewish community becomes part of one global community, focusing on the spirit of inclusion, creativity, and passion for all things Jewish.

Help start a new tradition of learning in Tidewater, and join more than 35,000 others around the globe in this new festival of ideas.

Attend or present at Tidewater Yom Limmud by signing up to do either, at a cost of $18 by visiting www.simonfamilyjcc. org/yom-limmud or by contacting Melissa Eichelbaum, Simon Family JCC’s program department associate, at 321-2304 or MEichelbaum@ujft.org. The deadline for registration is Friday, Nov. 3. While the deadline has passed for presenters to submit a proposal, some slots may be available. Contact Melissa Eichelbaum ASAP.