Tidewater Yom Limmud Festival of Jewish Ideas

by | Sep 25, 2017 | What’s Happening

Sunday, November 12, 1–5 pm, Simon Family JCC

Bringing people together of all backgrounds, religious affiliations, and ages to nurture, mentor, and celebrate Jewish life and learning for an afternoon is Tidewater Yom Limmud’s goal.

In addition to offering interactive breakout sessions led by community members and professional educators, Tidewater Yom Limmud includes discussions facilitated by Rabbi Michael Panitz, author Ezra Glinter, and Rabbi Barry Schwartz, director of The Jewish Publication Society.

Tidewater Yom Limmud is presented in coordination with Global Day of Jewish Learning and the Simon Family JCC’s Lee & Bernard Jaffe* Family Jewish Book Festival, in partnership with the Board of Rabbis and Cantors of Hampton Roads.

Join the journey with Tidewater Yom Limmud— after all, everyone has something to learn and something to share.

For more information or to register, visit SimonFamilyJCC.org/yom-Limmud or contact Melissa Eichelbaum at 321-2341.

*Of blessed memory

A Call for Presenters:
Tidewater Yom Limmud

Based on the concept that everyone should be a student and that anyone can be a teacher, Tidewater Yom Limmud offers an opportunity for community members to teach a workshop on any and all areas of Jewish content. Take part in this festival of Jewish culture through shared learning by teaching about a favorite Jewish topic such as Jewish art, texts, food, literature or Israeli politics, technology, culture, or any other Jewish or Israel-related topic.

Since diversity is a core principal of Tidewater Yom Limmud, the workshop can be presented in a variety of ways (lecture, workshop, film, panel, or debate, for example). Presenters of all backgrounds and ages are welcome.

$18 to attend or present as Yom Limmud’s success depends on its band of presenters. Without presenters there would be no Yom Limmud! Presenters are not paid.

For more information on becoming a presenter, or to submit a proposal, visit SimonFamilyJCC.org/yom-Limmud or contact Melissa Eichelbaum at 321-2341.