Tidewater teens dive into Dive in Movie

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Other News

The first “Dive in Movie” in the Simon Family JCC indoor pool took place on Saturday, March 26 with 20 Tidewater middle schoolers and teens attending. The event was hosted by Camp JCC in collaboration with Camp Sababa Beachaway, a Jewish sleepaway camp in Virginia Beach dedicated to growth through ocean living.

The movie was preceded by Havdalah, led by Sababa Beachaway director and educator, Danny Mishkin. Attendees got to know each other better through games before the lights went down and the movie started.

As surfing is a major component of the Sababa Beachaway program, and a highlight of living in a beach town, the movie of choice was fittingly Chasing Mavericks. Several intermissions were held during the movie for snacks, socializing, and competitive group games in the pool.

This was the first collaboration between Camp Sababa and Simon Family JCC’s Teen program and it was rated an overwhelming success by the attending teens.

To learn more about Camp JCC, or to hear about year-round opportunities for teens in the community, contact Dave Flagler, director of Camp and Teen Engagement, at DFlagler@UJFT.org or 757-452-3182.

Dave Flagler