Time is running out! Take the Jewish Tidewater survey ASAP.

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Other News

Survey closes February 29

In just about 15 minutes you can let Tidewater’s organized Jewish community know what you think works and what doesn’t and what you’d like to see more or less of. And, you can do it anonymously for absolutely no cost from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a computer or a tablet or a smartphone to access JewishTidewater.org.

The last survey conducted for Tidewater’s Jewish community took place in 2001 and focused on demographics. This one’s focus is on the community’s needs. In other words, what services would you use if they were available? Or, if you knew about them? What events would you attend if they were offered?

Linda Spindel’s Facebook message with the link to the survey says it best:

If you live in Tidewater, please take a moment to fill out this survey. We are working so hard to assess where the Jewish community should be putting our time, energy, and resources. Thank you so much!!
David Leon says that he’s busy telling everyone he knows to take the survey, especially those who are not in some way involved with the Jewish community. “I asked a Jewish friend who is not connected to the Jewish community to tell his Jewish friends who are also not connected about the survey. I told him, ‘We want to hear from everyone!’”

The bottom line is that all of the stake-holders: Jewish agencies, schools, synagogues, and organizations want to improve and your feedback is crucial to making it happen. No matter affiliation or level of involvement, it cannot be stressed enough that everyone’s opinion matters. Please, go to JewishTidewater.org and share your thoughts.

At the survey’s conclusion, there’s a chance to be entered into several drawings for prizes. Don’t worry, your responses remain anonymous! The prizes include:

• Jody’s Popcorn: A tub of popcorn each month for one year.
• One Night: Two tickets to a culinary evening with Israeli chefs on May 6.
• Virginia Festival of Jewish Film’s BIG Saturday Night evening on February 22.
• $100 Visa Card

Join those who say, “I’ve done it!” and commit 15 minutes to helping secure the best possible future story for Jewish Tidewater.

– Terri Denison