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Super Sunday marks the start of UJFT’s 2024 Campaign
Sunday, September 10, 10 am – 1 pm

Amy Zelenka
It’s that time of year – Super Sunday season. And United Jewish Federation of Tidewater is excited to follow the success of last year’s (2023) Community Campaign, which exceeded $4.95 million. This year’s challenge for UJFT and the community is to hit the $5 million milestone. Super Sunday, which marks the start of the campaign, works best with a strong turnout of volunteers and a terrific philanthropic response from members of the community. Everyone is needed!

The annual Super Sunday phone-a-thon has long been a connector for community members; providing an opportunity to engage in uniquely Jewish conversations. This year, weather-permitting, the event will be held in the beautiful Marty Einhorn Pavilion on the Sandler Family Campus. Traditional Super Sunday T-Shirts and kosher snacks will be available to keep volunteer callers well fueled.

For decades, each year (and for nearly 20 years at the Sandler Family Campus), community volunteers have gathered to “make the calls that make a difference” in the lives of Jews in Tidewater, in Israel, and around the Jewish world. It’s a terrific, energetic event where community members have a chance to meet one another, reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. The synergy of 50 – 80 volunteers all making calls in support of the community is truly something to behold. The event draws volunteers of all ages (and is an especially great way for young adults to meet one another and help build community for the future).

This year’s theme: “Today… Tomorrow… Always…” embodies the spirit of the Community Campaign – raising dollars to meet current needs, planning for emerging needs, and envisioning a safe, secure, and thriving Jewish community of the future.

The current climate of rising antisemitism and threats against Jewish communities (including here in the United States) is a real cause for concern and for immediate response. The Federation and its Jewish Community Relations Council continue to work with local, state, and national partners to educate the community, be prepared, and respond when necessary. In addition, UJFT has enhanced its relationship with Secure Community Network (SCN) to ensure that all communal spaces where the Jewish community gathers are made safe and resistant to threats.

Combatting antisemitism, ensuring a secure Jewish community, funding a multitude of Jewish education programs, building Jewish identity in children and teens, and helping vulnerable Jewish individuals at home and abroad, and continuing to meet ongoing needs in Ukraine… These are some of the ways the Community Campaign (with individual support) is making a difference.

There are three ways to help.

One option is to volunteer to MAKE calls on Super Sunday. Volunteer caller training takes place at 9:30 am. Everyone will hit the phones at 10 am to start the conversations. Come for an hour or two. Each effort truly makes a difference.

The second way to help is to take the call between 10 am and 1 pm. The volunteer caller will be so happy you answered! And you’ll be fulfilling a mitzvah.

The third option is for those who prefer NOT to be called on Super Sunday, but still want to give. Make a gift early by visiting the UJFT website All gifts received on the website between now and Super Sunday will be counted in the Super Sunday total.

TOGETHER, we’ll work hard this year to raise additional dollars to meet growing needs.

TOGETHER… we’ll repair the world.

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For more information about Super Sunday, visit For more information about the UJFT Community Campaign, contact Amy Zelenka at the Federation at 757-965-6139 or