Toras Chaim students attend political rally

by | May 25, 2012 | Other News

Mitt Romney’s visit on Thursday, May 3 to Portsmouth was an exciting educational opportunity for the students of Toras Chaim.

Seventh and eighth grade civics class students have been following the electoral process all year. Having them experience the process first hand, as well as meet many of the personalities they have been reading about, brought life to their learning. The students listened closely to Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, Governor Bob McDonell, and Mitt Romney at the Republican rally. The students met these leaders and discussed some of the topics that they had studied.

“Not only did we understand what he (Mitt Romney) was saying when he spoke, we actually took interest in it and learned a lot from it, since we did not forget our civics vocabulary words,” says Malka Edery, a seventh grade student.

“Since you don’t get to meet the governor and congresswomen every day, we wanted to say hi. Posing for a couple of pictures and getting some pretty cool autographs ended the field trip perfectly. Don’t forget we were even on live TV!!!” says the Edery.