Turn parenting challenges into parenting opportunities

by | Oct 21, 2021 | What’s Happening

Sunday, November 14, 2 pm
Sandler Family Campus and online

Susan G. Groner—podcaster, author, and founder of The Parenting Mentor—will be at the Simon Family JCC for an interactive parenting workshop. Groner will share wisdom from her most recent book and coach parents through some of the everyday parenting decisions that inevitably arise in all family homes.

If this alone weren’t music to a parent’s ears, the Simon JCC is inviting participants to leave their children with Camp JCC counselors for Sunday Fun Day activities so they may join this free workshop. Coffee, a copy of Groner’s book, and an armful of new tools for a parenting toolbox will also be provided.

Groner is a mother of two who knows well the stress parents face while raising tiny humans into respectable adults. In her blog, book, and podcast, she has shared how the years spent parenting are filled with opposites. While exhilarating, the art of parenting can be both madly frustrating, incredibly rewarding, and a dizzying combination of the two. As her own children grew, Groner recognized the importance of identifying her goals as their parent. By starting small, she began to look at her own role as a parent. “My ‘parenting challenges’ became ‘opportunities’ for my kids to develop some of the characteristics I hoped for them,” says Groner.

“There was a plethora of books and articles on raising kids, but nothing that focused on helping parents to be happier and more relaxed,” explains Groner. “Everyday stress and anxiety were universal parental issues that weren’t really being addressed.” Since becoming a parenting mentor, Groner has started a podcast, “The Parenting Mentor Sessions,” where listeners can hear real sessions with parents who open up about challenges they are facing with their children, whether they are toddlers or 22-year-olds.

In her new book, Parenting with Sanity and Joy, Groner takes her experience from these parenting mentor sessions and offers readers 101 basic suggestions for managing everyday decisions.

For more information or to register, visit JewishVA.org/PJLibrary or contact Nofar Trem, PJ Library program coordinator, at NTrem@UJFT.org or 757-321-2334.

Nofar Trem