Ukrainian refugee with Tidewater ties uses words to emote fear, hope, and gratitude

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Other News

Stella Kremen emigrated from Ukraine in 1994 to Tidewater with her husband, two boys, and her parents. Her children attended Hebrew Academy of Tidewater. Kremen’s brother stayed behind in Ukraine. Kremen shares the following Instagram post from her niece, Karyna who 33 years old and was living in Ukraine on February 24.

“I am a Ukrainian mother of two daughters, 3 and 7 years old, who had to escape from Kyviv, the capital of Ukraine on February 24, on the first day of the war when Russia began to bombard my city and my country hard, because I would not be able to protect them myself before the bombs, because I don’t want their psyche to be from sirens 6 times a day and I don’t want their childhood passed in bomb shelters without schools and kindergartens.

“Together with my husband’s sister and her son (4 years old), we traveled for 15 hours in a cold evacuation train to Lviv.  From there, we got to Poland and now we live in a small Polish village in a refugee camp and pray every day that the war ends, that our relatives, husbands, mothers and fathers remained alive and intact.

“We will be grateful for any help and support.”