United in Solidarity: TJF’s unwavering support for Israel in times of crisis

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Other News

Naomi Limor Sedek
In these turbulent times, as we witness the horrific wave of violence and terrorism striking deep within Israel, our hearts and prayers are with our Israeli families, friends, and all those affected. The scenes of unrest shatter our hearts but strengthen our resolve. As president and CEO of the Tidewater Jewish Foundation, I want to share our unwavering commitment to standing with Israel in spirit and action, particularly in these harrowing times.

In response to the recent crisis, the TJF Executive Committee acted swiftly, contributing $100,000 to United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s Tidewater Supports Israel 2023 Emergency Fund. This donation is more than a financial contribution; it symbolizes solidarity, unity, and a message of hope from our community to our Israeli brothers and sisters. They are not alone in their fight for peace and security; we are with them every step of the way.

TJF was established to support, strengthen, and protect the Jewish future. However, in these moments of dire need, this mission transcends geographical borders and resonates within the heart of every individual in our global Jewish community.

TJF exists to ensure the continuity of Jewish life, learning, and culture. Still, this commitment extends beyond future generations in our local community — it envelops the safety, security, and prosperity of Israel and Jewish communities worldwide.

Please, stand with us. Stand with Israel. Let’s show Israel and the world the unyielding strength of a united community, bound by faith, driven by our shared values, and committed to the Jewish future.

By creating an endowment with TJF, you’re not just donating; you’re carving out a legacy that resonates with the timeless spirit of tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (repairing the world), for today and forever.

Let’s have a legacy conversation.

Naomi Limor Sedek is president and CEO, Tidewater Jewish Foundation. She may be reached at 757-965-6109