Want to learn a bissel of Yiddish?

by | Aug 16, 2012 | What’s Happening

Thursday, Aug. 23, noon

Always wanted to learn a little Yiddish? A newly formed Yiddish Club at the Simon Family JCC might be the answer.

Sherry Lieberman, senior adult program director, and Miriam Brunn Ruberg, Jewish Life and Learning director, “have been thrilled” with the attendance of the first few sessions of this group of 20 or so, and say that anyone else who is interested is welcome to join for the learning and fun.

Many of the attendees are fluent and knowledgeable in Yiddish, including Doris Friedman, Abbott and Kitty Saks, Sarita Sacks, Bea Minskoff and Bronia Drucker. These club members have each contributed to the group’s overall knowledge and learning, sharing past experiences with the Yiddish language.

No spoken Yiddish is necessary, just an interest in learning some phrases and words. Fewer and fewer people are passing on this language, which will become extinct if communities don’t make an effort to keep it alive.

Curious learners, as well as those willing to share, are welcome. Bring a dairy lunch; dessert will be provided. Call Sherry Lieberman at 321-2309 for more information.