Whale watching and Shabbat

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Other News

Actually standing in a boat looking at a whale in the water, it’s not hard to imagine how one swallowed Jonah.

Encouraging her students to be inquisitors, Morah Nicole’s class at Strelitz International Academy has become enthralled with all kinds of whales. That’s how I learned that whales migrate through our area from December to February, and for those willing to brave the cold, it’s possible to see and even smell them up close.

So, one Shabbat morning, a group organized by the parenting website, Toddlin’ Around Tidewater, gathered on board the Rudee Whaler. Pair the wonder of streaming Ohef Sholom Temple’s services with that of toddlers (and adults!), seeing whales for the first time, and the Shabbat reminder to focus on the here and now, rather than work, is easy. Cantor Jen’s voice drifting over the splash of whales reiterates the fact that our lives are truly magnificent and this world is full of awe.

Rudee Tours is an environmental organization, so connecting to and repairing the world is part of their mission, along with education. Whales, the world’s largest mammals, feed on krill alone, a reminder that no matter how big or small, there’s a part to play for everyone.

Toddlin’ Around Tidewater offers meet ups for families with young children.

– Allena Hurwitz