Why I give…

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Other News

To help maintain a spiritual home

Hilary Truman
Life & Legacy Donor

Temple Emanuel became a home I didn’t know I was looking for. The first time I came, I came to support my best friend. My daughter enjoyed the atmosphere and the people, so I came with my friend a few more times. Everyone was so friendly, I ended up staying. I have accidentally volunteered a few times, and purposefully volunteered a few times.

My Why, is my daughter. She enjoys it so much at Temple Emanuel, I want it to be around for many years. She has become an active volunteer herself. I want her to always have a spiritual home to come back to no matter how far she travels.

Hilary Truman was born and raised in Virginia Beach. She is a teacher’s assistant working on her master’s degree in special education. She serves as chair of Temple Emanuel’s celebration committee.

To support education on anti-Semitism

Valerie Brodsky White
Holocaust Commission member

The Commission’s work is as relevant now as it has ever been. Their education program, What We Carry, builds awareness of the root causes of anti-Semitism and the insidious nature of discrimination generally. Thousands of students, military, and religious organizations have benefited from this vital program.

Valerie White is an attorney, artist, and entrepreneur who loves to learn, laugh, and paint. She has two children and lives with her husband, Matthew, in Norfolk.

To honor past generations and to have the community continue for future generations.

Lawrence Steingold

I volunteer my time and donate funds because of the pride I feel as an active member of the Tidewater Jewish community. I love honoring past generations and work to have it continue for future generations, as the world evolves.

At Ohef Sholom, I am inspired by religious services and informed by educational and social programs. I attend United Jewish Federation of Tidewater programs because they give me the opportunity to interact and learn with people of different ages and backgrounds. The Simon Family JCC Book and Film festivals enrich my Jewish life, which is why I choose to use my financial resources for current gifts and future estate bequests to ensure the continuation of programs of all types for future generations. I feel my work with Jewish Family Service assists a great organization help others. At Tidewater Jewish Foundation, I volunteer to help keep our community’s financial health strong. With the Governor’s School for the Arts and the Vibe Arts District in Virginia Beach, I’m working to improve and support our greater Tidewater community.

I have so much to be grateful for and my way of expressing that gratitude is to be an involved participant in as many ways as possible.

Lawrence Steingold grew up in Norfolk and works with his brothers in their family commercial real estate investment business. He is the board chair of Tidewater Jewish Foundation.