Work at summer camp is inspiring

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Other News, Youth

During the final days of staff training, camp directors across the country ask their teams to close their eyes and think about who their favorite camp counselors were and what was it about that person that made them special. What were their qualities? What interests did they share? How did this person make them feel? And then as eyes open, an unspoken truth is shared through glances alone, that everyone has been impacted meaningfully by a role model, and everyone has the chance to be THAT role model who is remembered fondly as having an impact on someone else.

Beyond the meaningful impact on the youth, camp counselors have the opportunity to refine and practice interpersonal and leadership skills, gain professional experience, and connect to a network for future career opportunities. Employers seek employees with 21st century skills. At camp, counselors are able to develop communication skills, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, collaboration experience, and utilize and foster creativity. All of this happens in an environment that supports the practice and development of these skills.

Returning Camp JCC staff members say:

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