YAD’s famous Purim Party returns Saturday, March 23, 8 pm, Sandler Family Campus

by | Mar 4, 2019 | What’s Happening

Purim is a particularly dear holiday to me for many reasons. Not only does the holiday celebrate when my namesake saved our people with wit, intellect, and bravery, it also is a time of good cheer to celebrate and have fun with friends—old and new!

The nature of Purim celebrations lends them to be the perfect venue for Jews of all types to gather and connect at a party designed to be just plain fun.

The last Purim party hosted by YAD at the Simon Family JCC in 2017 was my first YAD event. I had been in the area for a few years, and my mishpucha and mentor suggested I give YAD a try. What better way to see how lively and inviting a community can be than to attend a Purim party! The theme that year was Mad Hatter. My friend and I had so much fun making our costumes and doing crazy make-up. When we arrived, we were greeted by beautiful decorations and lights that transformed the JCC’s lobby into a magical scene. Elaborate giant cards, mysterious lighting, tiny potion bottles, and cookies that said, “Eat me” were complimented by the impressive costumes. I did not know what to expect going into the evening, but certainly, it was a great way to be introduced to YAD.

After that evening, I attended Happy Hours and other social events. I was invited to serve on the 2017 Super Sunday Steering Committee, and now I have the pleasure of being a YAD cabinet member. I look forward to working with the community, which is why I am so excited to be on the committee for this year’s YAD Purim Party.

This year’s Purim Party theme is a well-orchestrated fusion of chic elegance and a nostalgic throwback: Party like it’s your Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the YAD Mitzvah Purim Party! Guests are encouraged to come dressed either as themselves from their Mitzvah celebration or as if they were attending a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. This gives the option for either fun costumes or glamorous cocktail attire, and best—a combination of the two. Hours have been spent planning the food, games, atmosphere, and of course, the drinks (it is Purim after all). Plus, we’ve secured a very popular DJ. Personally, I am very excited about the glowing balloons and neon inflatable couches—certainly takes me back! While many exciting surprises are still in the works, YAD guarantees an epic Purim event!

Bring a friend, and maybe, like me, it will be their first event of many.

By Estelle Katz

More information may be found at JewishVA.org/purim-party.