Aviva Pembroke: Finding new ways to provide more care, to more seniors, over more years

by | Jun 17, 2024 | Jewish Tidewater, Latest News

As several major construction phases are wrapping up, much excitement is in the air regarding the completion of Aviva Pembroke. With an anticipated opening date of early October, prospective residents and neighbors within the Pembroke area are preparing for the long-anticipated addition to the community and local skyline.

On March 23 and 24, Beth Sholom Village staff facilitated hard hat tours for deposit holders so they could get a sneak preview at where they have been patiently waiting to spend their golden years. Maureen Hook, a future resident, indicated that what appealed to her and her husband Andrew, was the “urban location, the size and personalized feel of the community, and most significantly, the reputation of service and care” after having her in-laws as residents of the former Beth Sholom Village at College Park.

After the first round of tours, David Abraham, president & CEO of Beth Sholom Village, said, “we are truly pleased with the level of participation and investment from our future residents. It is our great pleasure to embark on this opportunity, to provide more care, to more seniors, over more years, and in different ways, through our partnership with Pembroke Square Associates.

Upcoming tours are tentatively being scheduled for most Thursdays and Fridays beginning in mid-June.

For more information about Avia Pembroke, and to schedule a visit, contact Allison Hechtkopf, executive director,
at 757-961-3046 or ahechtkopf@bethsholomvillage.com. Avivapembroke.com.