BBYO strikes a winner with its bowling event

by | Feb 8, 2024 | It's a Wrap, Other News

Thirty area Jewish teens attended BBYO’s bowling event at Pinboy’s on Sunday, Feb. 4.

BBYO’s winter kickoff, the event was a perfect program, allowing potential members and newer members to meet older teens.

Both Old Dominion AZA and Simcha BBG chapters led an opening ceremony that included welcoming speeches and introductions from board members. In addition to bowling, there was a team-building activity and icebreaker games to ensure that everyone felt included and comfortable. This provided a mix of friendly competition and collaborative spirit.

The event successfully set the tone for future programs, which will include a variety of activities ranging from community service projects to outdoor adventures.

Tidewater BBYO is included in the larger BBYO network. Approximately 15 Tidewater members are scheduled to attend the International Convention alongside 3,700 other Jewish teens in Orlando, Fla. over Presidents’ Day weekend.

For more information about Tidewater BBYO, contact Evan Gordon at

Simone Nied is a member of Simcha BBG.