Student Glow Run sparks spirit and dollars

by | Feb 8, 2024 | It's a Wrap, Latest News

Strelitz International Academy began 2024 with an event that boosted school spirit as well as inspired students and families to participate in fundraising for the school. The first Strelitz International Academy Glow Run, which took place on January 19, served as the centerpiece of a month-long initiative designed to foster community engagement, promote physical activity, and raise funds for the school’s programs and activities.

The festivities launched with a series of Spirit Days throughout January to motivate families to fundraise. Each week featured a unique theme, encouraging students, teachers, and staff to showcase their SIA School Spirit – all aimed to build excitement and a sense of togetherness within the school community.

The fundraising initiative’s highlight was the student Glow Run. In the Sandler Family Campus’ dark gym, black lights and a glow light track created a fun and exciting atmosphere. Students circulated between the “Glow Up” stations with glow sticks, paint and neon tattoos, and running around the glow track while cheering on their friends to energizing music.

In addition to the Glow Run, Strelitz International Academy implemented a family-driven fundraising component, encouraging families to contact their extended networks, friends, and colleagues, seeking donations to support the school. This collaborative effort ensured that the fundraising initiative extended beyond the school walls, creating a network that amplified the campaign’s impact.

By leveraging the power of personal connections, Strelitz International Academy reached its fundraising goals. SIA supporters Renee and John Strelitz generously contributed a $25,000 match campaign to further SIA Family Fundraising. Thanks to motivational videos, text solicitations, and old-fashioned phone calls to friends and extended family, SIA students and parents raised more than $33,000.

Strelitz International Academy’s Glow Run was not just about raising funds; it was about illuminating the spirit of the school community. As families raised dollars for the school, they also contributed its bright future.

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Carin Simon is director of advancement at Strelitz International Academy.

Liam Kruger competes in the Glow Run.